I'm Nobody. Who Are You?
Jaclyn, 19, I write things sometimes.


Angie is a therapy dog who comes into the library and lets kids read to her so that kids who are struggling with reading can gain confidence. Every time I’ve seen her in the library she’s always wagging her tail for the kids and is very attentive.

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Shhh the baby is sleeping


sleeping with your stuffed animals is punk rock don’t let anybody tell you different


Can we talk about Sean from Project Runway?

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you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye —Margaret Atwood, from Power Politics (via lifeinpoetry)

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"Me, Richard, Alfie, and Kit, we sort of rule the young ‘uns for being the exact same age and starting at the same time. We took on this adventure together. It’s quite lovely that we’re all still very much in love with each other. And then obviously, my girl Rose Leslie, who is just the coolest chick on the entire planet. I’m determined - determined! - to be a wildling extra at some point, just to find her and kind of say, ‘I’m in Iceland!’, and see what she says. We’re complete geeks, all of us. Of course, each of us thinks we’re the one that’s going to win.” — Emilia Clarke

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"I like to feel like a seven year old who’s allowed to dress themselves for the first time or something"